Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Temple Recommend

I received this poem in RS last Sunday and thought it would be nice to share. Ü

Many cards will fill your wallet
traveling through this life.
A card that lets you borrow books,
a card that lets you drive.
A card to call long distance
and a card to buy your gas.
A punch card for the bread store,
and a discount movie pass.
A card that lets you cash a check,
get money from machines.
Cards that make is possible
to live beyond your means.
What's the most important card
you're ever going to hold?
It's not American Express; it isn't Visa

It's the card that lets you enter
where no unclean thing can be.
Where wealth is gained in gifts that last,
through all eternity.
You can use this card with frequency
and never get a bill;
All that's asked is worthiness,
just try to do God's will.
Treasure this card always, never let it
slip away.
It's your key to peace and safety
in this harsh and troubled day.
Other cards my get you all around the
but in the end-
The card that gets you furthest
is your Temple Recommend!



Love it thanks for sharing!! a great reminder!!

Fred and Shenna said...

You're welcome! And I just realized that your husband's name is Lupeni...did he try and contact my husband for some work? Lol I random! haha If he did, let me know, my husband was trying to return his calls but had a hard time finding his number. Totally random, but I was just on your blog and saw your family pics. :0) Glad to add you as blogging buddy! :)