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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving

A few people started their first post yesterday for 30 things they were thankful for during this month of Thanksgiving and at first I didn't want to do it because it was only for Facebook...and then I decided, why not blog it? So here we go...30 things we are thankful for as a family:

1. We're thankful for our Father in Heaven and for His Son, Jesus Christ, who made the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. What a blessing it is to have the opportunity to be on this earth and to strive as we might, to be like Him and to know that if we choose the right and keep the covenants we have made...we can return to be with Him once more.

2. Eternal families. Ü
3. We're thankful that Heavenly Father gave us food and drinks and flowers. Ü -Madysen
4. Good health to support my take care of them and provide for their needs. -Fred Ü

5. I'm thankful for my mommy and daddy for taking care of me. -Sariah Ü

6. Thankful for the gospel and the way it impacts our lives...the love, peace, strength and organization it brings to our family -Mr. & Mrs. Frost

7. So thankful for Temples. For the sacred work that is done within it's walls and for the ultimate feeling of peace I feel when I'm there.
8. For two little sweethearts who bring us laughter, joy, giggles, flowers, music and love every single day. -Daddy & Mommy

9. So incredibly grateful to live on this beautiful earth. To be alive. To wake up each morning whether it's raining, hot, snowy or sunny...and to love it!

10. Family Home Evening -Madysen

11. On this Veterans Day, we're thankful for all of the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf by those who have served our beautiful country!

12. For our new ward. :) -Fred

13. I'm thankful for the scriptures and how they tell us about Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. It helps us to follow the commandments. -Sariah :)

14. For my Mama and Nana and for my aunties and uncles. I love Chloë, Aaliyah, Raelani and Hadyn and Riah too because I love everybody and I miss them. -Madysen Ü

15. Thankful for my mother. Thankful for the example she set for me as a loving person, as a friend, as a strong member of the church and as a caregiver. She worked hard to provide for our family as a single parent and I am forever grateful for the sacrifices she made. -Shenna
16. Thankful for my mom...for teaching me the true value of hard work, sacrifice, and frugality (which is something I'm still working lol) Love you mom! -Fred
17. Thankful for all of the necessities we have...for a roof over our head to shelter us from the cold, for our dependable cars and for food on the table!

18. Thankful for cousins to play with and aunties & uncles to help take care of us. -Sariah
19. Thankful for my sister, Sariah -Madysen
20. For good times spent in the company of good people. -Shenna

21. For my primary teachers! -Sariah

22. For our sister Sherilyn Ashley Manuma, who's birthday it is today! We love you Seli!
23. For a wonderful man to call my husband. For his hard work ethics, his strength, love, dedication, faith, humor and humility. He's an amazing person and an even better father. He's nurturing and kind and is always looking for opportunities to teach our girls values and life lessons. We just love him so much. Ü
24. A warm place to live in these cold times! -Fred

25. Thankful that our family (mom, Chrystel, Sherman, Hadyn & Sam) are here from CA to spend Thanksgiving with everyone!

26. For dinner and water and healthy things. Ü -Madysen
27. For things to do and places to see! For movies, Build & Grow, sports, going to the temple to see the lights, museums, helping our neighbor shovel his car out of the snow, family vacations and picnics. Ü-Shenna

28. For our blankets and pillows!-Madysen

29. I'm thankful I can go to school to learn and to make friends. -Sariah
30. Thankful for my wife for being the backbone of my business and our family. -Fred