Monday, March 19, 2012

New Beginnings...New Worries

A few weeks ago, our ward Young Women president called me to invite Sariah to their New Beginnings program. Sariah doesn't turn 12 until the very end of the year but they still wanted to introduce her to the program and spotlight her before she moves up. I was first. When I had a few moments to collect my thoughts I realized how terrified I am for her to go to the Young Women program. I wish I could keep her in primary and then skip her on over to Relief Society with me when she's older. That's an option right?!

Before New Beginnings, the president asked if we could write a little paragraph about Sariah and why we think she's special so they could spotlight her. Fred and I wrote the note together and although it was hard to keep it short it wasn't hard at all to express how special she is to our family.

At New Beginnings we listened to some of the young women present the Young Women values and explain what each one meant. After the presentation of values they spotlighted Sariah and another little gal who was also going to be moving up soon. There was a musical number by the young women and a few of the leaders spoke and bore testimony.

The YW Theme for the year is "Arise and Shine Forth". The YW presidency set up a challenge for the girls and presented it to them in a booklet. Here is what one of them read...

"...we would like to challenge you to learn 7 scriptures related to this year's theme, the temple, or our Savior. While you are memorizing the scripture, we would like you to get out your walking shoes and walk! Cut off the scripture and take it with you while you walk. We challenge you to get out in the fresh air for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. Use this time to think, ponder, and memorize these great scriptures! At the end of our 7 month challenge we are going to go to the Salt Lake Temple. But, we are not going to just go there...we are going to walk there. We will begin at the Jordan River Temple and we will be walking to the Salt Lake Temple."
What a challenge! The presidency invited the parents to also participate and make the walk to the Salt Lake Temple. The first thing I did was mapquest the distance between the two and it's more than 15 miles! It's a huge challenge and we're excited to work towards it together with Sariah. I can only imagine how momentous it will be for these young women when they meet this challenge face to face in September and more so when they complete it.

They presented each girl with an "Arise and Shine Forth" t-shirt at the end of the evening along with their booklets. Sariah is so excited about the program and especially for the challenge.
I realized after New Beginnings that my fears weren't necessarily of her moving up to the Young Women but just of...growing up. I worry about the peer pressures and temptations she'll face. Of the influences that others might have on her. The examples she'll set. The choices she'll make. The consequences she'll endure. The disappointments. The failures. Just the thought of these is enough to cause heartache and worry in any parent.

But...then I remembered the good things and how they outweigh the bad. There is much joy and happiness in the things that she'll experience. I find solace in knowing that our Savior is mindful of us and I know that we can help prepare her for the world and the opposition she'll face. And it all begins at home. We can instill in her the values and teachings that will help her make right choices so that when these moments arise, she will have the wisdom, strength and desire to stand tall and to choose the all times and in all things, and in all places.


Lauren said...

This makes me feel so old! I still remember when Sariah was born!

The Lomu Family said...

That's such an awesome challenge,I find myself wanting to tag along..haha!

Fred & Shenna Frost said...

Lauren....if you feel old, imagine how I feel!! Lol I still remember when your mom and dad were my primary teachers and when you were little! :0(

Fred & Shenna Frost said...

Mua...come along! Lol Fred's cousin is thinking of coming along too so she can get her sweat on. :)

The B's said...

Can i just say how much I LOVE this post... What an amazing young woman Sariah will become with leaders who are willing to guide her and parents that will unconditionally love and adore her. She is one lucky young lady. I think the walk to the temple is a terrific challenge and encouraging the spiritual and physical together is so wonderful. Have fun on the journey!!

The B's said...