Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Madysen's Party

Well, I just HAD to write about Madysen and how much she wants a party for a birthday. Ü Madysen is old enough now where she understands birthdays and parties and what not. We had a huge party for her 1st birthday and we decided that each of our kids would have one REALLY big party and then the rest would be pretty simple. Anyhow...Madysen is turning 3 on June 2nd and she has been talking about "her party" for many months now. Ü So we're planning on having a little "party" for her on Saturday with decorations and everything and even though it's just for our immediate family with some pizza, cake and ice cream...we know that she'll just be thrilled to know that it's HER party!Ü Mady told me she want's an Abby Cadabby party and she talks about it EVERY SINGLE DAY! haha. Today she woke up and said, "Mommy, I had a dream about my party." I asked her what she dreamt about and she said, "I dreamed I ate sparkly sprinkles!!" :0) I can't wait to see how happy she'll be at her little party and I'll definitely be back to update everyone on how it went! :0)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend, The Lupeamanu's & Rhayanna's Birthday Ü

As you can's been a busy weekend for us, but definitely another fun one! One Friday our cousins, the Lupeamanu family, came down from Utah to celebrate their niece Rhayannas, 3rd birthday. It's was so nice to see them again and to hang out with them. The Hunts and our family have lived next door to eachother for more than 15 years and we love them tremendously! Well, we hung out and had dinner & pizza at our place on Friday and the kids had a great time. On Saturday, we all went to Rhayanna's 3rd birthday party and we all had a good time laughing, eating and listening to Bella's vulgar music! hahaha j/k The kids had a blast playing and eating goodies and by the time we got home, we were all tired!

Sunday was another wonderful was nice as always. Afterwards, we had bbq at moms house and fed the missionaries. We hung out for a bit and then headed over to Fred's uncles house for a family meeting. On Monday, we celebrated Memorial Day. We took the kids to see Night at the Museum at the new IMAX theatre. It was a funny movie and the we really enjoyed ourselves. We had lunch at the Town Center and headed home where we met up with the Lupeamanu's again. Everyone came over and hung out...once again lol...and we watched the Lakers vs. Nuggets game. It's always nice when we have family & friends over and we look forward to it every time! Ü

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Hubby....still awesome. Ü

Today was a GREAT day. Fred works every morning starting at 4am and what a pleasant surprise it was for me to wake up and find that he hadn't gone to work. For anyone who knows my husband...they know that he hardly ever calls out of work! Well, today he called out because he hadn't been feeling very well all week and I think it finally caught up to him. A lot of the time, he lacks sleep and it doesn't help when he's sick. But...after sleeping a couple of hours, he felt a lot better.

Well, we decided to run errands and do some shopping together (yes, I made him...even though he called in sick lol...but he didn't mind at all. Ü). We had lunch at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) and then took Mady to her Dr's appointment....we finished up some shopping and picked up Sariah & Hadyn from school. I know it doesn't sound very exciting lol...but sometimes when I take a step back and look at things, I realize and appreciate just how much I love my hubby and how much he adores me...and our girls. :0) It's a wonderful thing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Faith in God Activity for Mother's Day

Sariah & I had such a fun time this evening at her Faith in God activity for Mother's Day. Faith in God is a program in our church that helps boys and girls ages 8 through 11 live gospel principles, develop testimonies, build friendships, and prepare to receive the Aaronic Priesthood or become a righteous young woman. The children are given guidebooks with different goals and things that they can work on accomplishing in areas like learning and living the gospel, serving others, developing talents, and preparing for the priesthood or for Young Women. When they accomplish all of their requirements they can receive the Faith in God Award.
Well tonight, they prepared dinner for us mothers and served us as well. Each of the girls stood up and said something that they loved about their mother. I was curious to hear what Sariah would say and as she stood up, her voice quivered a bit and she began to tear saying: "I love my mom because she is special in so many ways and I love her very much." It filled my heart to hear the things she said and I love her tremendously for it. After that, the girls sang one of my favorite primary songs, "I Often Go Walking".
For dinner we had crab salad, enchiladas, beans, Mexican rice and cookies, brownies and heart-shaped jello for dessert. It was all delicious! The girls even decorated the tables themselves and we all received little goodie boxes with chocolates and gifts made by each of the girls as well. I LOVED the gift Sariah made for me and I'm so glad to have her as a daughter.

P.S. I forgot my camera at home, so I took these on my blackberry. :0)

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Very Happy Mother's Day!

This past weekend we celebrated Mother's Day and we had such a great time!! First of all I want to say that we SUPER DUPER love our mom's!
My mom (Lucy) is really a wonderful and incredible person and she has done so much for us and we appreciate and love her tremendously! Fred's mom (Emma) has also been a blessing in our life. She always goes out of her way to spend time with our girls and they love her so much in return. Ü
We started off our Mother's Day weekend by going out on Friday with the Robertson's (Al & Nati) to a Mother's Day dance & dinner in Orange County. It was a bit funky LOL, but we had a lot of laughs and an overall good time! On Saturday I had the youth girls from our ward over and we baked cookies on a stick and made chocolate lollipops to finish off the Mother's Day craft/gift that we started on Tuesday at mutual. The girls did a great job with their projects and they turned out beautiful! Well...I decided after that, that I wanted to do something nice for the women & mother's in our ward, so I decided to bake cookie treats for all of them...kind of like a little compassionate service project for all of the Mother's. Even though I ended up baking and decorating for hours lol, it still felt good to do a little something nice for others. :0)
We had dinner at Black Angus with our family and as usually, it was wonderful! My aunt Emmie and two of her kids joined us too. Church was wonderful too! Fred actually was really sick on Sunday morning, and Madysen was beyond tired lol and a little under the weather she stayed home with him as well. After church and dinner with our family we headed over to Nana Emma's house and had a good time hanging out and eating pizza. :0) All in all, it was a wonderful Mother's Day weekend and we enjoyed spending it with the ones who matter most. :0) OH...I got the cutest little gifts from my girls that I absolutely loved. Sariah made me 'tissue flowers' at school in a little flowerpot...and they actually smelled pretty! lol Madysen got me a little pot of flowers too with a picture of her on it :0) and my honey got me a Blackberry Curve!!...It'll take some time before I master using, but I love it so far!! :0)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dinner with the Robertson's Ü

So...we've been trying to arrange a dinner date with our cousins Albert & Nati Robertson, for what seems like FOREVER! It seems we're all just so busy these days...but we finally got together yesterday and we had a great time. We had originally planned to go out to dinner and a movie, but when the time came close for us to go out...we realized that everyone was pretty tired from all the errands and activities that went on during the day. Needless to say, we decided to hang out at home and have dinner. I made this super yummy Parmesan-crusted chicken breast with greens and home-made lemon vinaigrette and Nati & Al brought over some yummy grilled chicken as well. Dinner was delicious and we spent the rest of the evening sitting around and chit-chatting. Oh...and we made rice-krispy treats too and the girls decorated them with colored chocolate. :0) The Robertson's are an awesome...awesome family and we just love them to pieces!