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Monday, November 29, 2010

1st Year Anniversary

Wow! It's hard to believe that we've been residents of Utah for a year now! (I'm very much still a Cali girl though Ü) I still remember how sad it was the day we left California after Thanksgiving of 2009. And to be honest, we're still adjusting...but nicely. Ü It wasn't always easy though. For most of the year we were pretty homesick. Except for Fred, that is. :0) I'm not sure if it's a "guy thing" or just a "Fred thing" lol...but he is just fine living anywhere-even if it's far from family. He's always had a very independent attitude and I love that about him. :) We've been through so much since we got here...Sariah had her first major injury since she was born here! She broke her arm at my grandmother's house, I spent a day in the hospital, Fred got really sick, I went to the hospital again and all this was before we even got medical insurance! Aside from the trials, we've experienced more good than bad and we're thankful for that. After being in 4 different wards we finally settled into an amazing english ward and we love it there! They are so welcoming and kind and our girls absolutely love their primary teachers. Ü Our goal in moving to Utah was to save up and purchase our own home because the price of homes in CA is crazy high! Ü We rented a house in CA before we moved and we agreed that renting a home would just mean bigger bills. Bigger place=higher electricity bill! Lol So, in the meantime while we save, we've moved into our cozy apt. :) Sariah loves her new school. She'll be taking the ALPS Test this weekend to see if she can move to an advanced class at a different school and she's pretty excited. Sariah was in an advanced class at her old school in CA and a lot of the time she thrives for more challenging work in her classes. Hopefully she'll do a great job, but we're proud of her accomplishments nonetheless. Ü Before moving to Ca, Fred worked in the dairy industry for more than 5 years as a foreman and pasteurizer and we're definitely grateful that he was able to land a position with a company in his same field. Work is always a blessing! Luckily for us we've traveled to CA so many times during the year that it has made it so much easier on us to still be able to see our families often. Like wise our family has visited us here in Utah many times and we just love it when they're here! :0) Madysen has made so many friends in church and with meeting new family members and friends. It doesn't surprise us much because she is such a happy, outgoing and friendly little gal. She can't wait to go to school and since turning 4 this year, she's asked me at least twice a week if it's time for her to start school yet. Ü I know I mentioned it earlier but it's hard to believe how quickly time has passed and yet, it feels like we just got here. We're so thankful for the adjustments we've made so far and for all of our family and friends who have helped us settle here.


NIVA said...

Love your blogging girl! Keep it up! Even though we haven't hung out as much as we want to, we're glad to have you here. Loves!


Happy 1 year in UTAH!!! I love reading ur blog!!! glad ur all adjusting well =)

Anonymous said...

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