Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yes...I'm still here! :0)

Hey blogging buddies...yes, I'm still keeping my blog up to date, but it seems like I always start a new post and end up having to save it because I don't have time to finish it! ugh! Needless to say, I'm trying to find the time to finish ALL the posts that I've started so I can FINALLY bring my blog up to date! So much has happened and I can't wait to share, so keep in touch!! Ü

Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting Back Into The Swing of Things...

Since the last time I posted there have been quite a few changes and updates in our lives. I had started several posts and saved them but I decided to just throw it all together! Here goes... To begin, my little sister got married on August 29, 2009 and it was such a beautiful wedding! One of the greatest parts of the wedding is that our grandfather was able to do their sealing for them in the temple. How blessed we all were and especially Seli & Peter to have such a special opportunity. We spent most of July & August getting the final preparations ready and of course that meant that I was too busy to post! As I was saying...her wedding was beautiful and it was really all due to my mother! She's been at the head of all the planning for months and she worked for weeks to get everything ready from the food & table decorations to sewing all of the 300 cloth napkins for the tables! I had the awesome job of doing the dessert/chocolate table and it turned out soo awesome!! I loved it!! We were especially lucky to have our wonderful friends Rob & Kryssie do the draping, lighting and monogram for the wedding. It really added a special touch of elegance to the whole room and we were so thankful to them for their help. We had tons of our family and friends come down and join us in the festivities and needless to say, by the end of the night we were dead!! We're so happy for our little sister Seli and for her new husband Peter. We wish them all the best in the future and more. Ü

Aside from my sissy's wedding...I turned another year old on August 28th! We didn't do much, seeing as it was the day before my sissy's wedding...but I didn't mind. Sariah has started 3rd grade and it's so amazing to look back and see how much she has grown! She's in the Excel Program this year and she's so excited! She loves her teacher already and told us that her teacher smiles every time she talks. :0) We recently moved out of the house that we've been renting for the past two years and I can honestly say that I'm glad our lease is finally up!! It's nice having your own place to stay, but after a while it's not so much fun paying 'someone else's mortgage! We have since moved into my mom's house temporarily and even though it's a FULL house...we enjoy being with our family again. Mady had a little bit of a hard time adjusting because we packed much of our stuff into storage and she was adamant that she needed to take ALL of her toys with us! :) We're still in between a few things as far as where we will go from here, but we know that as long as we stick together it'll all turn out for the best. :0)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bridal Shower

I still can't believe my little sister is getting married! Her bridal shower was this past weekend and we had such a great time! We owe all of the credit to the Seto Family for putting this whole thing together for her! We insisted on helping, but they wouldn't hear of it!...But I did sneak in doing the candy bar favors/wrappers for her which turned out so cute! We played one of the funniest games ever which is pretty self-explanatory just seeing the photos! LOL The company was hilarious and the food delicious. Can't wait for her big day!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Battle of the Bulge Update!

Well, I'm not too happy to have to write this, but I'm doing it so that I can keep motivating myself!! These past 2 weeks have been pretty hard for me. I've given in to my chocolate and pasta cravings a few times and as a result I've gained about 4 pounds (Booo). BUT...I will not quit because I know that if I give up now, I'll gain 10 fold what I've lost so far!! We've been really busy with activities and getting ready for my sister's wedding at the end of the month and for some reason busy=eating junk for me...I think it's because we're always on the run and I don't have time to actually slow down and make a good meal. I've only gone to the gym 3 times during this two week period too...so I know that I need to find the time to just hit the gym, regardless of how busy I think we are!! Well...I promise myself to keep going and to not give up!! You can do it Shenna!! (This is me motivating myself lol)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Child's Prayer

Each night, we have prayer as a family and we rotate who gets to say it each night because often times Madysen will volunteer to say the prayer every single night! Ü Although we love her enthusiasm at the opportunity to speak to our Father in Heaven, we do want everyone to have a turn. Anyhow, last night was Madysen's turn to pray and might I add that before she begins she never ceases to remind us that she wants to do it by herself...and we couldn't help but smile at some of the things she said: "Bless the kids that they will go to school safely...but not me because I have to wait until I'm four. And bless me that I can go to school and take my owl backpack. Bless the Frost Sisters (Herself & Sariah) and bless my Duckie and Catalina (Sariah's stuffed animal) that they can go to school too." Can children be any more innocent?! Ü

Monday, July 20, 2009

Battle of the Bulge!

Okay, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to post about this, but I figured...why not? Everyone needs to shed a few pounds here and there, so I'm sure there is SOMEONE who can relate to this. LOL Before you get too curious...I'm not going to tell you how much I weigh. LOL But trust me, it isn't very nice! After having our 2nd child, I gained a TON of weight. After I had her, my husband really wanted me to be a SAHM (Stay-at-home Mommy) and to focus on home & raising our children (which has been awesome). But being around the house and the kitchen hasn't helped my waist line much!

Anyhow...I've tried several times throughout the years to lose weight and I was pretty successful once but I haven't been able to do much since (yes, I probably didn't try very hard at times). But this past May...certain things really motivated me to start losing weight and so we signed up for a gym membership at LA Fitness (which I love) and I've changed my diet a little too. For anyone who knows me...they know that my weakness is CHOCOLATE, sweets and junk food! I LOVE them! Well, I really really cut back on the junk food...it wasn't easy and when I get a hankering for a chocolate candy bar...I usually opt for a chocolate chip granola bar instead. We don't eat rice anymore (Why is rice such a "Samoan" food staple anyway?! lol) and we cut back on some of the carbs too. We eat a lot of salads with our proteins (which is less red meat and more chicken) and good fruits too.

Well, since starting my workout regime and changing my eating habits I've lost 20 pounds and I've gone down almost 2 dress sizes! I say ALMOST 2 sizes because some things that I've tried on in that "2nd dress size" category still don't fit lol. I actually think I've lost more inches than pounds though...but I haven't measured myself. I'm really proud of myself and I'm trying to keep it up. It's actually been pretty smooth sailing (aside from sweating & working out)...except for last week! Last week I had a huge huge craving for pasta and potatoes and chocolate (not together, of course lol)!! I think it was my diet slapping me in the face for depriving myself. LOL Well, I did have some chocolate and I made an absolutely delicious Chicken Carbonara Pasta recipe that I saw on FoodTV and I satisfied my craving! I went to the gym the next day and all was fine. Ü I think it's okay to "treat" myself (in small doses) every once in a while when my body goes into sweets & starch remission...as long as I stay on track! I'll keep everyone updated on my weight loss journey and hopefully when I reach my goal I'll have an awesome before & after picture to post! lol Ü

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July Birthdays!

In our family, July is a very joyous month! So here's a little birthday shout-out to all of our July Birthdays!

Happy Birthday Mom! (July 14th) Thank you mom for being the the heroine in my life. You are amazing, loving, hard-working and so much more! You've instilled in us the qualities that have made us who we are today...qualities that have stemmed from the incredible mother that you have always been. We love you!
Happy Birthday to our sister Chrystel and our brother Sherman (July 16th and July 6th)! Even though Chrystel complains and always wants things her way lol...she's still a wonderful sister. We love you Chrystel! Sherman is such an easy going and gentle person and we love him for his kindness and generosity. Our girls love their Uncle Sherman and are always eager to give him a big hug when they see him. Ü We love you Sherm!
Happy Birthday Uncle Sam (July 14th)! For those who don't know our Uncle Sam, he can seem a bit unfriendly and cold when you meet him. He doesn't often smile or talk to new people (even when they talk to him lol), but with family, he's a whole different person! He loves us and does so many many things for us. He especially loves our kids and will walk all the way to the store (he doesn't drive) if they ask him for something...and so much more. Thanks Sam for all the many things you do for ALL of us. We love you!
Last, but definitely not least...Happy Birthday to one of my favorite cousins, Lynne (July 3rd)! Our families have lived next door to each other since we were in elementary school. Lynne is such a charming and honest person. She is so loving and has the sweetest personality. Now that she and her little family live in Utah we don't see each other as often, but when we do, we pick up right where we left off and it's as if we lived right next door to each other again. We love you Lynne!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trip to Utah

Continuing to bring my blog up to date, I had to write a little something about our trip to Utah. Utah is nothing new to us because we've been there every year since we were little. We have tons of family and friends in Utah and it's always nice to take a trip down there to visit. For those who've read, we threw my grandmother a surprise party there, so that was pretty much our main reason for taking the trip. But we decided to make a little vacation out of it and spent about a week and a half visiting and hanging out with our friends and family.

We stayed with our awesome family, the Auelua's, and we enjoyed their hospitality and generosity. We can't forget to mention our other family members that we loved spending time with as well...Cousins Ash & Ness, The Lupeamanu's, Aunty Lige and her crazy family lol, Glo and Verona and their little families, The Laufou's and all of our other family and friends! We really had a great time and can't wait to go back and see everyone again!

Oh, before I end. I have to write about how wonderful and spiritual it was for me to do a session, for the first time, in the Salt Lake City Temple. The Live Session was such an overwhelming experience and I was in awe at the grandeur and beauty that was so prevalent within the walls of this temple. And what's more is that we were able to share that experience with two pretty great individuals. Ü

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Grandma's Surprise 80th Birthday

So, I'm super late on posting about this, but it seems like busy days and weeks never cease! Nonetheless, here are some photos of the Surprise Party that our family threw for our Grandmother in Utah. It was so much hard work, but everyone worked together and it was a great success. We had so much more people there than we expected, but because of our awesome cooks (Mom & Aunty Amy) there was MORE than enough food for everyone...and by the way, the food was AWESOME! Our grandmother had absolutely no idea and we definitely achieved the "element of surpise!" lol. Here are a few photos from her 80th Birthday Party. We LOVE LOVE LOVE you Grandma!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Madysen's 3rd Birthday Party

Okay, so I'm super late on updating everyone about Mady's little birthday party...but as you know, life sometimes get's in the way. lol Anyhow...Madysen LOVED her little "party" and she had a GREAT time! We had no problem at all keeping the decorating and preparing a secret because she practically slept until almost afternoon! haha We had the little kids table outside along with the jumpers and when she first saw all the things we had prepared...she was so happy and her smile was priceless! Here are a few photos of our littlest princess on her 3rd birthday. :0)