Monday, November 1, 2010

Get-Togethers Ü

I LOVE get-togethers. Who wouldn't love hanging out with family and friends, laughing, eating, baking, creating, eating and laughing some more?! We had two get-togethers this past Halloween weekend. The first was with some of my besties and our families. We got together at my best friend's house and I brought my cupcakes along! Ü We baked sugar cookies for the kids to decorate and we did a potluck of soups for our 'soup in a bread bowl' dinner! Glo made some homemade chili and super yummy funeral potatoes! Seeing as I spent all my time with my cupcakes (because I'm an amateur and couldn't decorate them fast enough LOL) I got some soup from Costco (which was still delish Ü) Verona decided to go sans soup and made some zippy Lemon-Mayo Salmon instead. hehe It was good! I always miss my family and sister's in Ca when we have these fun get-togethers but I'm so glad they'll be visiting this month so we can finally have another get-together with everyone! Ü
We had our 2nd get-together this weekend pretty much by chance! :) It was Halloween night and with Fred working (booo :/) we didn't have any set plans yet. We were invited by our besties to go with them to Spanish Fork and Eagle Mountain, but we felt more like staying "around town" so, I sent a little text over to our Moea'i & Tuatagaloa Families to see what they had planned. We got together that night and went trick-or treating with the kids around their was so super cold! (I was definitely missing our 7th Ward trunk-or-treat in Ca this year :/) The little ones got a bit cold after a few blocks so we headed home. Luckily they had enough candy so there wasn't much complaining about having to head back so early from the older kids. lol We ended the night with some warm hot chocolate with whipped cream which totally hit the spot after walking in the cold. Oh, and we filled our tummy's with spaghetti and garlic bread. Thank you Moea'i & Tutagaloa families for letting us join you! We've already planned our next together for the Thanksgiving holiday and we're so excited for more get-togethers to come. :0)