Friday, November 26, 2010

A Happy Thanksgiving Indeed...

It's hard to remember when the last time we spent Thanksgiving in Utah was. A once yearly tradition had changed in the past few years and instead of everyone traveling to my grandparents home to celebrate the holiday, we'd been traveling to Moreno Valley, CA to the home of my aunt Amy and our Atuaia family to feast there. Well, that was almost the plan this year. Kind of. My grandparents had plans to travel to San Francisco this year and when those plans fell through, the original plan of my mom and sister's coming to Utah was put into full effect! We were so excited! Ü My little sister (Seli), her hubby and baby had planned to join us here in Utah but because of work schedules, they weren't able to come. We were pretty bummed that we would miss them but having my mom and the rest of the family here was such a treat!! Ü We spent the Thanksgiving holiday feasting at our grandparents house with the additions of my Uncle David and his family and my Uncle Shakey and his kids. My mom is one of the best cooks in our family (totally true and unbiased...a little Ü) and we were so glad to finally enjoy some of her cooking along with everyone else who brought dishes that day. Since there weren't enough seats at the table, we tossed a blanket on the floor of the family room and the kids had no problem digging right into the food! :0)
We enjoyed a combination of American & Samoan dishes from turkey (of course), ham, stuffing, rice and meatloaf to ulu (breadfruit), povi masima (salt beef), chop suey, palusami, fa'alifu talo and more. :0) Dessert was just as good and after we filled our bellies, the kids decided to play around and wanted me take silly pictures of them which I didn't mind. We stopped by our aunt Zelda's place as well and it was fun laughing with everyone there and enjoying their company too. Ü We love our families so much and we enjoy spending time with them. It's just something that never gets old. Aside from having my little sister and her family here, it couldn't have been a better Thanksgiving.