Thursday, July 5, 2012

Engagements: Ben & Cynthia

In all our busyness (and the fact that my blog is so behind) I didn't get a chance to post the engagement shoot I did for my cousin Ben and his (now) beautiful wife Cynthia! I have always known Ben to be an incredibly loving and sincere person and I know that those are just two of the qualities that Cynthia has grown to love in him as well. Cynthia is such a sweet and charming gal and I knew when I met her last year that they would be a perfect couple. :)  I wish them all the best in their happy future together.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Never-ending story...

I am absolutely, positively, completely behind on my blog. :( If I had one whole week with nothing on my schedule I could totally catch up...but, I don't. That makes me sad...and anxious. Sometimes I think I should give up on trying to blog and get ahead. But, that makes me sad too. I love to write and take pictures and document the events and things that occur in our family so here's to another empty blog post full of rants and hopeful sentences of encouragement to keep me going. :0/