Saturday, July 10, 2010

Build and Grow

We absolutely LOVE the Build & Grow Clinics at Lowe's! We first got into going to the program when my sister Chrystel suggested that we go. I put it off for a few sessions, not fully interested (and partially too lazy to get up at 9am on a Saturday lol), but finally decided to sign my girls up and take them. What a fun experience it was! My girls totally loved the first workshop...working with real tools and nails and even wearing goggles and getting an apron. After each workshop the girls are given a certificate of completion and a badge for that specific workshop that they can sew onto their aprons. We attended one workshop where a young girl had an apron chock-full of badges from all of the workshops she attended. From that point on, my girls (Sariah especially) were determined to earn as many badges as they could! We even made sure to sign up while we were in Ca so as not to miss a workshop! Lol We've been to all of the clinics since our first one and it's so much fun to build and to see what's on the calendar to build next! And the icing on the cake is that all of Lowe's Build & Grow Clinics are free! I'm definitely recommending this anyone who has kids. You can sign up at and reserve your spot for the next workshops. The clinics (workshops) are every 2 weeks and they always post the next craft two weeks in advance. Spaces usually fill up quickly, so sign up early!

Friday, July 9, 2010


This is our first Summer here in Utah and so far we have been trying to make the most of it! Granted we like to relax indoors with the AC on lol, we still make time for fun in the sun and (somewhat) cool Summer nights. :) We've checked out the West Fest and Taylorsville Dayzz carnivals and celebrated the (3rd of July here) 4th of July at the Independence Day Festival at West Jordan Park. The fireworks show wasn't very spectacular at the West Jordan Fest, but we enjoyed hanging out at the park all day long, under the shade with a cooler of goodies! Going to the movies seems to be a frequent activity for us and it's always nice to escape this Utah heat in the cool climate of the theaters. So far the girls have enjoyed watching Shrek Forever After, Toy Story 3, Karate Kid, The Last Airbender, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Despicable Me and Nanny McPhee Returns. I think they get their love of movies from their Mama because she spoiled them back home in Ca and took them almost every weekend! Lol Lately, we've enjoyed going to the park for picnics. The kids love playing and eating outdoors and we enjoy having a clean home when we get back from being out all day! :0)
Sleepovers are a must and I couldn't even tell you how many trips we've made to Yogurtland, but it's always a welcome activity that never grows old! Swimming is, of course, a definite activity when it comes to Summer. It gets really hot out here during the day so the girls usually swim indoors at the Rec or when the sun is going down around 7 or 8pm (yes, it's still super hot and bright outside at that time). We were even lucky enough to have our niece Raelani stay with us for 2 weeks this Summer! She came down to visit her dad and we snatched up the opportunity to spend quality time with her. She's such a sweet & sassy little girl and even with her little attitudes Lol, we still love her so much and miss her when she's gone. After spending an awesome 3 weeks in CA for the Summer (more details in another post Ü) we came home and spent the last 2 weeks hanging out before school started (yes, another post). It seems as if the weather just starts getting warm & the fun just begins when the coolness of Autumn sets in and all we have are the sweet memories of another Summer.