Monday, May 11, 2009

A Very Happy Mother's Day!

This past weekend we celebrated Mother's Day and we had such a great time!! First of all I want to say that we SUPER DUPER love our mom's!
My mom (Lucy) is really a wonderful and incredible person and she has done so much for us and we appreciate and love her tremendously! Fred's mom (Emma) has also been a blessing in our life. She always goes out of her way to spend time with our girls and they love her so much in return. Ü
We started off our Mother's Day weekend by going out on Friday with the Robertson's (Al & Nati) to a Mother's Day dance & dinner in Orange County. It was a bit funky LOL, but we had a lot of laughs and an overall good time! On Saturday I had the youth girls from our ward over and we baked cookies on a stick and made chocolate lollipops to finish off the Mother's Day craft/gift that we started on Tuesday at mutual. The girls did a great job with their projects and they turned out beautiful! Well...I decided after that, that I wanted to do something nice for the women & mother's in our ward, so I decided to bake cookie treats for all of them...kind of like a little compassionate service project for all of the Mother's. Even though I ended up baking and decorating for hours lol, it still felt good to do a little something nice for others. :0)
We had dinner at Black Angus with our family and as usually, it was wonderful! My aunt Emmie and two of her kids joined us too. Church was wonderful too! Fred actually was really sick on Sunday morning, and Madysen was beyond tired lol and a little under the weather she stayed home with him as well. After church and dinner with our family we headed over to Nana Emma's house and had a good time hanging out and eating pizza. :0) All in all, it was a wonderful Mother's Day weekend and we enjoyed spending it with the ones who matter most. :0) OH...I got the cutest little gifts from my girls that I absolutely loved. Sariah made me 'tissue flowers' at school in a little flowerpot...and they actually smelled pretty! lol Madysen got me a little pot of flowers too with a picture of her on it :0) and my honey got me a Blackberry Curve!!...It'll take some time before I master using, but I love it so far!! :0)


The B's said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Yay for your new blackberry! My husband has a curve and just figured out how to play pandora radio on it, i'm so jealous cuz my pearl doesn't do that. Have fun and i'm glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day, you definitely deserved it!