Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Madysen's Party

Well, I just HAD to write about Madysen and how much she wants a party for a birthday. Ü Madysen is old enough now where she understands birthdays and parties and what not. We had a huge party for her 1st birthday and we decided that each of our kids would have one REALLY big party and then the rest would be pretty simple. Anyhow...Madysen is turning 3 on June 2nd and she has been talking about "her party" for many months now. Ü So we're planning on having a little "party" for her on Saturday with decorations and everything and even though it's just for our immediate family with some pizza, cake and ice cream...we know that she'll just be thrilled to know that it's HER party!Ü Mady told me she want's an Abby Cadabby party and she talks about it EVERY SINGLE DAY! haha. Today she woke up and said, "Mommy, I had a dream about my party." I asked her what she dreamt about and she said, "I dreamed I ate sparkly sprinkles!!" :0) I can't wait to see how happy she'll be at her little party and I'll definitely be back to update everyone on how it went! :0)