Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Hubby....still awesome. Ü

Today was a GREAT day. Fred works every morning starting at 4am and what a pleasant surprise it was for me to wake up and find that he hadn't gone to work. For anyone who knows my husband...they know that he hardly ever calls out of work! Well, today he called out because he hadn't been feeling very well all week and I think it finally caught up to him. A lot of the time, he lacks sleep and it doesn't help when he's sick. But...after sleeping a couple of hours, he felt a lot better.

Well, we decided to run errands and do some shopping together (yes, I made him...even though he called in sick lol...but he didn't mind at all. Ü). We had lunch at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) and then took Mady to her Dr's appointment....we finished up some shopping and picked up Sariah & Hadyn from school. I know it doesn't sound very exciting lol...but sometimes when I take a step back and look at things, I realize and appreciate just how much I love my hubby and how much he adores me...and our girls. :0) It's a wonderful thing.


Mrs. Amosa said...

Well said! There's nothing like it, when your hubby calls off from work, its the coolest..arent we just the is so much like Fred..he almost never calls finally did on Monday and that day, made my whole week go by so much smoother..he felt bad about working on Mothers he made it up to me..hehe(•=

Tara Wayne Malakai Maddux Kenya Alofipo said...

Hey Shenna,
Its Wayne I have not been to your blog since the first day you made it when i couldnt leave a comment. That tells you how much I look at blogs. So you should consider yourself special.HAHAHA jokes. Well, I think you have an awesome family and a great husband. Much respect for what he does.I am proud to see how faithful you all are. Love you guys and cant wait to see you soon. WINK WINK. take care FAM