Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Faith in God Activity for Mother's Day

Sariah & I had such a fun time this evening at her Faith in God activity for Mother's Day. Faith in God is a program in our church that helps boys and girls ages 8 through 11 live gospel principles, develop testimonies, build friendships, and prepare to receive the Aaronic Priesthood or become a righteous young woman. The children are given guidebooks with different goals and things that they can work on accomplishing in areas like learning and living the gospel, serving others, developing talents, and preparing for the priesthood or for Young Women. When they accomplish all of their requirements they can receive the Faith in God Award.
Well tonight, they prepared dinner for us mothers and served us as well. Each of the girls stood up and said something that they loved about their mother. I was curious to hear what Sariah would say and as she stood up, her voice quivered a bit and she began to tear saying: "I love my mom because she is special in so many ways and I love her very much." It filled my heart to hear the things she said and I love her tremendously for it. After that, the girls sang one of my favorite primary songs, "I Often Go Walking".
For dinner we had crab salad, enchiladas, beans, Mexican rice and cookies, brownies and heart-shaped jello for dessert. It was all delicious! The girls even decorated the tables themselves and we all received little goodie boxes with chocolates and gifts made by each of the girls as well. I LOVED the gift Sariah made for me and I'm so glad to have her as a daughter.

P.S. I forgot my camera at home, so I took these on my blackberry. :0)


Anonymous said...

How sweet, you two look like you had a great time. Riah is growing up to be quite a beautiful spirit. (•=