Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend, The Lupeamanu's & Rhayanna's Birthday Ü

As you can see...it's been a busy weekend for us, but definitely another fun one! One Friday our cousins, the Lupeamanu family, came down from Utah to celebrate their niece Rhayannas, 3rd birthday. It's was so nice to see them again and to hang out with them. The Hunts and our family have lived next door to eachother for more than 15 years and we love them tremendously! Well, we hung out and had dinner & pizza at our place on Friday and the kids had a great time. On Saturday, we all went to Rhayanna's 3rd birthday party and we all had a good time laughing, eating and listening to Bella's vulgar music! hahaha j/k The kids had a blast playing and eating goodies and by the time we got home, we were all tired!

Sunday was another wonderful day...church was nice as always. Afterwards, we had bbq at moms house and fed the missionaries. We hung out for a bit and then headed over to Fred's uncles house for a family meeting. On Monday, we celebrated Memorial Day. We took the kids to see Night at the Museum at the new IMAX theatre. It was a funny movie and the we really enjoyed ourselves. We had lunch at the Town Center and headed home where we met up with the Lupeamanu's again. Everyone came over and hung out...once again lol...and we watched the Lakers vs. Nuggets game. It's always nice when we have family & friends over and we look forward to it every time! Ü