Monday, April 25, 2011

Out & About

My little cousin, Sonne, is visiting from Samoa for the first time and we decided to take him, my other little cousin Stephan and our girls out on Friday. A lot of the super fun (for Utah lol) places are still closed here because of the cold weather so we opted for a trip to Chuck E' Cheese. As soon as we arrived, the kids were antsy to start playing the games...especially Sonne! I told them they couldn't play until we ate so they quickly gobbled down pizza and chicken wings before grabbing their tokens to start playing. Sonne wanted to play every single game and he couldn't get enough of the monster truck ride. :)
After the tokens were done and the tickets collected, we turned them in for a few dinky prizes and headed over to our girls' favorite park. Down the slide they went and up the stairs and ladders. Over to the swings they swung as high as they could til their tummies began to tickle. They chased each other through the play buildings, laughing and giggling all along the way.
After about an hour of playing, we heard music from what we thought was an ice cream truck. But this wasn't just any ole' ice cream was the So Cupcake ice cream truck! So Cupcake is a place that I discovered here in Utah when I was trying to find a cupcake cake for Mady's 4th birthday. Their gourmet cupcakes and cakes are delicious! The chocolate cupcake was a favorite amongst us that day. I chose the regular and the kids thought the mini's were fun. Ü
After our delicious cupcake treats we headed over to the store to scope out the toy aisle and to get some toys for the kids. Sonne had his eye on almost every toy in the store and finally decided on Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear. We headed to the check-out stand where all the kids had to have their own bag for their toys. :) We made a quick stop at McDonald's and made our way back to grandma's house. The kids had so much fun and were completely exhausted by the time we got there. So glad that our girls have so much fun with their cousins...they make the best family.