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Friday, April 8, 2011

Jazz vs. Blazers

As you may remember, Sariah recently played in the Jr. Jazz basketball league here in Utah. After the league is over, all of the kids who participated, received a trophy and tickets to a Jazz game! After receiving those tickets, Sariah took it upon herself to tape some (pretty big) reminders on the wall next to her bed so she wouldn't forget about the game. Ü Her tickets were placed ever so carefully in her jewerly box and she's been looking forward to it ever since.

That day finally came yesterday and she couldn't have been a happier girl. Ü I have to laugh a bit at her new found love for the Jazz team. It all goes back to her uncle Sherman who is a die-hard Jazz fan. I mean...when you have a tattoo of the team mascot on your leg, that just might be an indication that someone really loves their team. :0) We (her parents) are neutral when it comes to NBA teams so apparently, it was only fitting that she go with her uncle's team. Ü Sariah has even taken to memorizing all of the players, their numbers and some of their stats in the past few months. Ü It's all really cute if you ask me.
We made a quick stop to drop off Mady with Aunty Fanua and her little cousins before heading over to the Energy Solutions Arena. Sariah picked out a few things at the Fanzz shop and we grabbed some pizza and waited for the game to start. I was so glad that I remembered my camera bag (because I've been forgetting it quite often lately) and what do you know when I opened it up?....Yep, had my extra lense in there but no camera in sight. I was pretty bummed. I had to resort to a picture or two on my not-so-dependable blackberry but Sariah didn't mind at all. The Jazz ended up losing the game 87-98 and even when they were down with 2 minutes left in the game (I wanted to get a headstart to our car lol) Sariah insisted that we stay and so we did. Ü
Sariah had a really great time cheering for her team and she's already looking forward to going to another game soon.



How FUN we are DIE HARD FANS!!! so good for Sariah GO JAZZ!!!