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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We took a bit of a different route for Easter this year. Normally for Easter we load up a ton of goodies into baskets for the girls and buy them new dresses for Sunday. This year we decided to shift their attention more towards an Easter of gratitude. Ü We made sure the girls understood the true meaning of why we celebrated Easter (or any holiday) and how thankful we must be for the sacrifice that was made on our behalf by our Savior and more importantly to know and understand that He Lives!

We did plan on having an Easter Egg Hunt but with our busy weekend and having family in town...that got pushed to the back burner. What surprised me, was that our kids didn't even mention it! It kind of made me think that maybe the Easter hullabaloo that I tend to get wrapped up more for me. Ü Well, I did decide to make little goody bags for the girls and for their cousins. It ended up being just the right amount of goodies for them and they really enjoyed it.
After church on Sunday, we headed over to grandma & grandpa's house. The food is always good. My hard-working hubby had to cover for someone at work that evening so he had just enough time to fill up on his favorites before packing up some lunch and heading to work. So thankful once again for all that he does for us. We sure did miss him when he left. Ü
After dinner, we had cake and ice cream for dessert and spent the rest of the evening hanging out, chatting and having the kids pester me to take silly photos of them jumping in motion. :) Happy Easter.



That's GREAT!!! Easter looked like great fun in ur house!!

Klarah said...

You're Easter looked super fun! I'm sure your family enjoyed every minute of it! I need to make my Easters more enjoyable for my kids instead of always doing the norm. Thanks for the future ideas!!LOL! I really am going to consider doing that for my boys.. Family time is the best time!!