Friday, April 15, 2011

Museum of Ancient Life

Yesterday I finally had the chance to be a chaperone for Sariah's class field trip! Ever since Sariah started school, I've always volunteered to go on the field trips but they've always had a surplus number of parents who wanted to attend and I never got the chance. When the notice went out a few weeks ago informing the parents that they would be needing chaperones for this upcoming fieldtrip, I jumped at the chance! The school district here requires that any volunteer parents have to complete a mandatory background check and fingerprinting. It was a bit odd to me (because it was never required in CA) but I'm actually really happy that the school district takes precautionary measurements as far as who can chaperone these students on field trips.
We woke up early on the day of the field trip to get ready and to pack our lunches. Sariah was really excited and since it was picture day too, she wanted to look extra if my little gal isn't pretty enough. Ü We arrived at school and I headed over to her classroom where I met my little group of only 4 kids! That was good enough for me. :0) We loaded up on the buses and headed over to The Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. Sariah and I hadn't been there before so we were both pretty thrilled!

We went through so many rooms and awesome exhibits. There were several other 4th grade classes there as well so it was a bit chaotic overall. I had to make sure the kids answered specific questions from the papers I had and between writing down their answers, taking photos and keeping track of my 4 little 4th graders, I barely had time to really enjoy the exhibits! We're definitely planning on going back as a family and we're going to make sure it's not on a day that any of the schools are visiting. Lol! The dinosaur fossils were amazing and the kids really learned a lot and enjoyed themselves. After a few hours, we settled down for some lunch and visited the museum gift shop where I treated my little group to a few souvenirs. :) Another great day in the books.