Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Each year when Christmas rolls around...we have our annual tree tug-of-war. Ü Fred insists that we get an artificial tree and I am always determined to get a real one. I don't care if our tree is 2 feet or 10 feet, I just love the smell of real trees and Fred argues that we can always buy pine or fir scented candles. Lol Well...I always eventually win and we end up purchasing our Christmas tree.
With all of the busy'ness this month and having to go to Ca last minute, we didn't get our tree until this week. Better late than never! Ü It snowed a few days before we went tree shopping and when we finally found one it still had a bit of snow and ice on it. The gentleman at the tree lot instructed us to leave it outside so that the rest of the ice could melt away...definitely something new to us since moving to snow country because I'm pretty sure we would have just put it up in the house not thinking that we would have woken up in the morning to wet carpet. Lol We finally brought the tree in this morning and had plans to decorate as a family before daddy left to work. Fred had to get down and dirty on the floor trying to fit the tree with screws in the tree stand...probably another reason why he hates having a real tree. LOL Thanks honey...we love and appreciate you daddy! Ü We filled our bellies with bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and homemade waffles on the waffle iron! :0) The lights are always a bit of a hassle but I managed and the girls had fun putting on the balls and snowflakes. :) We don't have any super expensive ornaments or fancy ways of decorating but having our Christmas tree up and lit sure does bring in the holiday spirit.


F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Love it! I used to only want a real tree too, but my kids were eating the pine needles and so we opted to get a fake one until they're all old enough not to eat the needles.....haha its the pine tree candles for us! Your tree is beautiful!

Janet said...

My mom is the same way!! I always want to get an artificial tree because of the convenience and to save money, but she insists on always getting a REAL tree because of that pine smell! LOL.

I also love your photos, especially the first two :) Sorry, it's just the photographer in me. hahaha.