Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What a scare! :(

Last week, our family had a pretty big scare. :0( Fred was in San Francisco on a business trip when he called me on Tuesday evening to tell me that he just received word that his mother had been in an accident. She'd been hit by a car while crossing the street. My heart sank. I was scared and worried and I could feel my face growing hot as my emotions started to take over. I tried to keep my composure because we were actually with friends and our kids on the way to see the temple lights. My husband cut his trip short and I booked him a flight to Long Beach the next morning on Wed. After my mother-in-laws accident, she was airlifted to the USC Trauma Center (not exactly comforting news, I know). After Fred arrived, he went straight to the hospital and called to give us an update. They had taken x-rays and luckily she didn't have any broken bones but they were doing additional x-rays and cscans to check for internal bleeding. It seemed as though everything was clear and they were ready to discharge her, which was odd because she was still in a lot of pain and couldn't even hold down any water. Fred was a bit upset to say the least, but he wasn't happy with the service at USC so he took his mom straight to Kaiser, which is her regular hospital. They admitted her right away and shook their heads at the fact that the USC Trauma Center even discharged her! Well, they took all of the x-rays over again and helped to make her comfortable. One of the cscans came up showing a bit of bleeding in her head (not too sure of the exact details) but after a few days and more x-rays it had pretty much gone away. Oh, I forgot to mention...the day after Fred arrived he called and told me he really wanted for myself and the girls to come down so we could all be together and so we could be there for his mom. I checked online for airline tickets for the next day...yeah, almost $1000 just for myself and my girls on a one-way ticket. Boo. But, luckily for us...Fred has an amazing cousin who, on an extremely last minute call (I'm talking an hour before we would leave) agreed to drive myself and our girls (because I totally could not do it by myself) down to Ca in our car just so that he could turn around and fly back home that same day! Thank you Isaiah! :0) We took him shopping as "thank you" though. Ü We arrived in CA early Friday morning and went to see Emma. The girls were pretty bummed because she was still in the ICU and children weren't allowed in. Aside from some scrapes on her face and being sore, she looked good. We were happy and relieved that her situation wasn't as bad as it could have been. She really wanted to see her grandbabies so we drove into the 'Physicians Only' parking lot that faced her window and let the girls out of the car so she could see them. We put her on speaker phone and she spoke to the girls as they waved to each other. It touched my heart to see how much Sariah, Rae'lani (our niece), and Madysen loved their Nana. They were jumping up and down and waving their arms like crazy trying to reach out for her...and she was on the 3rd floor! Lol The police eventually came to us and asked us if we were leaving lol and not before his mom yelled on the speaker, "You tell that police officer that I'm talking to my grandbabies!!" LOL! We politely excused ourselves and drove away. The next day their Nana received the "green light" and was able to be moved into her own room. They girls were so excited to see her. We visited with her that day and evening and the girls couldn't have been happier to be with their Nana again. The following day she was discharged and was able to go home. We drove to one of our favorite bakeries, King's Hawaiian, and ordered a "Welcome Home Nana" cake for her and a few for my mom's house as well. We seriously love us some Dobash, Paradise & Dream cakes from King's! :0)

Well, Nana was home and our hearts were filled with gratitude to our Savior. He does hear and answer our prayers, not according to our will...but to His. We're thankful for the outpouring of love and support from our family and friends as well. We know it won't be long before she's 100% recovered and back to herself...we love you Nana! Ü


F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

I'm so glad to hear she's ok and doing better. What a're right, the Lord sure does answer prayers!!

Janet said...

Wow, what a close call. Glad she's ok. Heavenly Father is always watching. Btw, I know those 2 little girls in your photo. I didnt find out the connection until last week. What a small world!!