Friday, December 3, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

Last week and a few days before, we experienced our first serious snow storm since moving to Utah. I'm talking some serious snow. It came down non-stop for 24 hours...maybe more. I remember hearing on the radio that some places received anywhere from 9 to 14 inches of white powder! Just look at how many inches we received!
On a side note-these snow storms came right around the Thanksgiving holiday and we were so incredibly thankful that our families traveled here safely amidst the onset of the storms and even after the storms hit. Well, with my nephew in town, of course he was begging to go out and play in the snow. Heck, even our girls were dying to go sledding. We didn't get the chance to sled on the day we planned because of other activities so we decided to just let the kids have a little time playing outside. The snow was thick! It went clear past Mady's knees and they all struggled a little trying to walk through it. Mady made snow angels while Sariah & Hadyn had a snow fight...with a few (good sport) victims. :0) With all of this snow and the holidays around the corner, it sure is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Ü