Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Even though this technically wasn't our first Christmas here in definitely felt like it. We hadn't even been in Utah a whole month last year when Christmas rolled around and needless to say, we were still quite homesick and didn't have much of a Christmas spirit. After returning home from our last-minute trip to CA this month, we got right into the holiday spirit. Ü The girls were looking forward to Christmas for several weeks and even more so when Sariah finally went on Winter break from school. On Christmas Eve I baked up a slew of goodies to pass out to some of our families we would be visiting. I didn't make as many platters as I wanted to because I got a late start on baking, but they turned out great! Oreo Truffles, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and Christmas candies filled the plates. I planned on making chocolate-covered strawberries but apparently it's out of season. Oops. :)
Growing up, my mom always waited until Christmas morning for us to open presents and we've pretty much stuck to that tradition with our own girls as well. Ü We woke up Christmas morning and had a little devotional with our girls before opening their gifts. Since it was just us this year, we passed out a present to each of the girls and watched them open it one at a time (versus our usual-passing out all the gifts-and everyone opening it at the same time...when we were with our extended family, that is Ü). It was fun watching the girls' reactions as they opened each of their gifts...Sariah is definitely the queen of reactions. :0)
Fred's younger brother, Michael, was in town for the holidays so him and their other brother Cheeku came by for breakfast. After eating, we got ready to head over to the Sagato's home for Christmas lunch. The Sagato Family has been long time friends of ours and we were glad to spend the holidays with them. They are known for their delicious cuisine and baked goods and it was evident in all of the foods they prepared. We indulged in meatballs, egg foo yung, taro, chicken spinach croissants, palusami, sausage and more! I was able to take some great shots of the family before we headed out to visit more family. Before leaving we got a call from Mama (my mom) and chatted a bit over Christmas morning events. We sure do miss everyone at home! Ü We stopped by Grandma & Grandpa's house and delivered some goodies and a gift (mainly for Grandpa). He mentioned to my mom that he wanted the new book, the Biography of President Monson and we were so pleased that he loved his gift. :) We made another stop at our Laufou-Lautalo Families before heading home. The Laufou & Lautalo families surprised us with a knock at our door not 30 mins. later bearing even more gifts! Yay for Christmas love. :) We received a wonderful present from them...a personalized FHE Family Board. I love it! We spent the rest of the evening amongst family laughing over board games, homemade pizza, Wii competitions and more goodies. So thankful for all we have, for our families & friends, for the blessings we experience and especially above all...for our Savior. Merry Christmas.


F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Glad you had a great Christmas! The food looks amazing! Nothing better than spending the holidays with loved ones!

The B's said...

Sounds amazing. LOVE your pics as ALWAYS. Ugh, we sure do miss us some Frosties <3