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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


As many of our friends & family know...our youngest daughter Madysen is the epitome of a "girly-girl"! She loves dresses, tutu's, hair bows and pretty much anything that sparkles! lol Anyhow...on Sunday morning we did our usual and got ready for church (which starts at 8am) so we have to get the girls up early. If you read the post before this, you know that we had quite a fun-filled weekend and the girls stayed up late playing with their cousins & their Nana on Friday & of course...Sunday morning they were very tired. Anyhow, we went to church and my sister Chrystel said that Madysen looked like she had Pinkeye and I told her that she was just tired from the weekend. Well, later on at church my mom was talking to Mady and told me that she thought Mady had Pinkeye too, but again I said she probably does have a cold, but I think she's just tired. Anyhow, I asked Mady to come over so I could look at her eyes and this is how our little conversation went.

MOMMY: "Mady, come over here...let me look at your eyes."
Madysen, who is twirling around in the foyer, walks over.

MOMMY: "Hmm...I think you might have Pinkeye Mady"
Mady's eyes open wide and she gasps!
MADYSEN: "Pinkeye?!!"
Mady then has a huge smile on her face.
MADYSEN: "Oh Mommy, I LOVE 'Pink Eyes'!!"

HAHAHA...That's definitely Madysen for you! lol I told my husband and the rest of our family and we just couldn't stop laughing!! It's moments like this that make you wish they could stay young forever. Ü


Ruben and Fia said...

What more can I say..Mady, you are just too adorable! Ill always think of you, when I see someone with "pink eyes"! (•=

The B's said...

just had to tell you, i have retold this story to at least 4 people and we all agree on how incredibly cute ms mady is!