Sunday, April 26, 2009

I ♥ Photoshop!

If anyone of you know know that I absolutely LOVE taking photographs and working on photoshop! My ultimate goal is to be a professional family/wedding photographer and I plan on taking some courses on it soon! But in the mean time, I love playing with photoshop & learning to take better photos...I'm "self-taught" and granted I'm still learning and reading online tutorials, I think I've done a pretty good job so far!! lol I just finished working on that photo collage up there on my blog title and I SUPER love it!!! I hope you guys do too!! Ü


Ruben and Fia said...

Wow Shenna! I love what you did with your page and I especially love your collage!! I thinks its great that you're going to pursue photography, I would most def. hire you (•=

Klarah said...

I have yet to meet you but I'm sure I will this year at the Frost Family Thanksgiving dinner if you are there. My mom, Laila, has been asking me to come out every year but I have always been busy and if it wasn't that, then it was the cost of 4 roundtrip tickets from Utah to California, but hopefully this year I can make it out, since my hubby works for Delta Airlines now!!I hope to meet the rest of the Frost's that I havent met yet!!! I dont think its much because I grew up around most of them. It would be nice to meet new faces!! I dont mean to write you a book nor invade your space, but I was just browsing through friends of familys blogs and I stumbled accross yours. I would have just moved on but I really love your Blog title section, its very beautiful and creative, I to love to see what I could do to my photos and if I can improve them in any way! I've always heard of or something to that affect but never bothered with it until now, after seeing your photos I might look into it a little more!! Okay well thats all I wanted to say! Thanks for letting my talk to death!!LOL!! Have a great Mothers Day!!

Much Alofa's to you and yours,