Monday, April 27, 2009

Family Picnic

It was another great weekend this past Friday & Saturday. Our brother Cheeku's family came down to visit for the weekend and I suggested we all go on a picnic on Saturday. We originally wanted to go to the beach, but considering the extra amount of trouble lugging things across the sand and getting sand everywhere...we opted for the park instead. lol It's a good thing we did, because it was a little breezy and I'm sure if we went to the beach...there would've been a full wind blowing! Anyhow, we headed over to the park with sandwiches, snacks & goodies and we had a great time relaxing, eating, playing Frisbee, feeding the ducks and watching the kids play. After several hours we packed up and headed back home. The kids were quite tired and we all had a wonderful time. Later that day, we did some shopping with Nana (Fred's mom) and she was nice enough to babysit the kids that evening while we went out to the movies. She loves watching her grandkids...especially since she doesn't have them all together at the same time very often. The movie was great and by the time we got home...we were exhausted! Ü


Ruben and Fia said...

How fun, I love picnics!!It looks like the kids had a blast..and thanks for the comment..Im still kicking myself for forgetting my camera during our had it all ready to go..darn..but it was indeed a great weekend.