Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Very Own Scholar!

Today, Sariah won her 2nd Bulldog Pride Award and she was 1 out of only 6 kids in her whole class to receive it! This is Sariah's 1st year at this school and although she misses her old school at times, she has come to like her new school and has still managed to stay at the top of her class. Since kindergarten, Sariah has won awards at every assembly that her school's have had and we are tremendously proud of her! Her teachers are very proud of her as well and are amazed at her level of learning and maturity. Sariah has also been nominated by her teacher to be tested for both the GATE program (Gifted And Talented Education) as well as the EXCEL classes. Whatever the results may be, we will always be proud of her and of all the things she has accomplished. Mommy & Daddy and your whole family love you Sariah and your little sister Madysen is following right behind you! Ü Keep up the awesome work sweetheart!!