Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spontaneous...just a little.

It was one of Fred's days off and (not like usual) he didn't have any appointments and all of our errands were already taken care, 5 minutes before we picked up Sariah from school we decided that we would (finally) take our girls to the "This Is The Place" Monument. I know for everyone who has lived here in Utah for several years you might think, "how boring!" hehe...but we were pretty excited! I am a LOVER of history and one of my most favorite periods of was during the time of the pioneers (that must be the reason I have several seasons of Little House on the Prairie lol) We initially planned to go during the Summer or Spring, but never quite got around to it. I knew we would be visiting in sort of an 'off season' and when we got there...we were the only ones there! And we like it! :)
We took the train ride tour and I loved the scenery! The leaves were already changing color and some of the mountains and hills were already capped with a bit of snow. The sky was an ocean and the grass was still a spring green!
All of the buildings in the town were closed for the day so we were bummed we couldn't go inside...most of our view was peeking through the windows! Lol
We took a few "tourist" photos lol and did a little shopping in the Village Store. I enjoyed our little outing and thinking it was time to head hubby decides he wants to visit the Church Library and History Museum! Ummm...okay, let's go! We got a little lost downtown and ended up stopping at the Pioneer Memorial Museum. Closed. :0( So we drove by the Capitol Building so the girls could take a look at "the white house" lol. We finally made it to the Church Library and...closed. *sigh* I guess I should know by now that some places in Utah seem to close early on Mondays (yes, I know it's FHE Monday) But hey, some families want to make FHE activities out of those visits! Nevertheless, we enjoyed our little spontaneous outing...even if it was just a little one. Ü


F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Yay Sheena......thanks so much for stoppin by my blog! I'm so excited that you're a Blogger too! So I take it you read my blog post about my girls night out tomorrow night.......I'd totally love it if you came! The whole reason we're doing it (besides much needed girl time) is to meet other bloggers! Plus you're part of the Dannon family now.....hahaha half the girls coming are Dannon wives! Please try to come, I'd love to get to know you better! I had my husband text yours just in case you don't see this.... haha. Get my number from him and I can pick u up if u need! :)

Fred and Shenna said...

Hi Monica! :0) I did read your GNO blog post and I promise I wasn't hinting at an invite when I commented on it! hehe It was just the first post! Lol Thank you so much for the invite and I would be more than happy to come, but we already have plans for the evening. My hubby called me and told me that your husband sent him a text so I did get it! lol Please let me know next time you have another get-together and hopefully I can make it. Have fun and Happy Halloween! Ü