Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gardner Village

One of the first things I did when we came to Utah was look up some interesting places we could take our kids to. I read about Gardner Village online and put it down on my list of places to visit. We had been meaning to go there for some time but never quite got down to going. When my best friend Gloria invited us to meet them there, I jumped at the chance to finally get up and go while my hubby got some rest from work. Gardner Village reminded me a lot of a place in San Diego that we had gone to, coincidentally called Seaport Village. The village and shops resemble something from centuries ago with hand-made items, gifts, historic facts of early settllers and brick-lined paths. We stopped at The Village Quilt Shop and some of the quilts and blankets were so detailed and elegant, but they sold everything from fancy to practical. Ü

It being October, Gardner's Village was
also holding a Witchfest! Witches, pumpkins and black cats adorned every corner of the village and the Halloween theme was evident in all of the shops.
Our favorite shop to visit was, not surprising lol, Sweet Afton's Candy Shop.
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Aside from being the home of their famous fudge...Afton's also had a ton of nostalgic treats and collectibles from I Love Lucy to Betty Boop, old lunch boxes and old-fashioned drinks. I found it hard not to indulge myself in all of my favorite chocolates. The chocolate peanut pinwheels were delicious and the chocolate bark with sea salt was a delight! We hung around the village for a bit taking in all of the ambiance. We didn't have enough time to visit all of the shops and activities but that being so, it'll give us a chance to visit again...and soon!


Hinano Tanielu said...

LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE the Pics!!! Hope you guys are doing well. Miss you all!!

Kryssie said...

The pics are amazing! Looks like SUCH fun! Miss you guys <3

Toria said...

Excellent job as always Shenna!! I wish I had half the talent you've got. Can you still pencil my kids in? :0)

Rebecca Whitcomb North said...

Great pictures, Shenna! You all looked like you had a great time!

Fred and Shenna said...

Thanks everyone! Cousin...I sure can! Foreals...let me know when. Love you guys! Ü