Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Festivities!

Although Halloween hasn't yet arrived...we've already participated in several fun activities to get us ready for the spooky holiday! Ü Our good friends, the Afemata Family, invited us to their branch's Trunk-o-Treat activity this past Tuesday. Seeing as we had just moved wards and weren't familiar with anyone yet (and they weren't having a Halloween activity anyway...such a bummer) we were delighted to join them! Our girls were so excited to wear their costumes for the first time and they waited anxiously all day to start getting ready. Sariah was the perfect Cleopatra and Madysen was a lovely "big girl" ladybug. :)
As it would started snowing just minutes before the activity was to start. :0/ Luckily they were able to relocate everyone indoors into the cultural hall. Everyone setup decorations around their chairs and the kids went around collecting their goodies. Our girls joined their costume parade...and they both won! But then again...who could resist an adorable ladybug and a stunningly beautiful Cleopatra (our opinion's a little bias though hehe) Oh...and thanks Nana for the costumes! Ü
On Wednesday we had planned to take our girls to the Cornbelly's Maze & Pumpkin Patch at Thanksgiving Point and what would you know...snow! We woke up that morning to a blanket of white everywhere! Why in the world is it snowing in October? (that's the grumpy part in me who's still use to California weather lol) Even as the morning hours passed, I still hung on to the hope that the sun would come out and beam it's rays of warmth to melt all the snow away and dry everything up by the afternoon. Didn't happen. We were definitely disappointed, but it's a good thing there's always a Plan B! We moved over our Thursday's plans and ended up taking our girls to the Dannon Trick or Treat Day at daddy's work! A little background info-Fred has been working at Dannon for a few months now and it's wonderful! Before we moved to Utah from CA, he worked in the dairy industry for Rex Creamery as a foreman & pasteurizer for over 5 years. After we made the big move we had hoped he could get something within the dairy field because of his experience and we were so grateful that he found something at D. Ü Anyhoo...we went over to his work Halloween party and the girls had a great time. They had fun Halloween crafts, cookie decorating, family portraits, games, and plenty of candy! Ü I was glad to meet so many of Fred's co-workers and their families as well.
After the Dannon Trick or Treat activity we got together with our Masuisui Family to carve pumpkins with the kids! We stopped by the Schmidt's Pumpkin Patch and the girls each picked out a pumpkin.Luckily for the kids, both Fred and his cousin Pearl are artists, so the majority of the pumpkin 'faces' were hand drawn. :0) Yay for artistic talent! Lol Funny how it started off with all the kids and the daddy's planning on what to carve but eventually ending with Fred and Pearl doing most of the work-drawing, cutting and gutting-while the kids danced and played (checking on the progress every now and then lol).

And what a treat for us that Pearl's wife, Kara, was making her famous chocolate coconut macaroons...they were divine! Ü After all the carving, we stuck a few candles in the pumpkins so the kids could see them come to life! (and for some photo ops too Ü) The children were so proud of each of their pumpkins (with much credit given to some awesome daddy's too). Holidays always seem to bring about the best fun...but then again, so do families. Ü


Ceeu N Uila said...

Hey!! found your blog thru a mutual friend/blogger Monica Fangupo...Just wanted to tell ya those pumpkins are AWESOME!!! lol...

Fred and Shenna said...

Thanks for the comment! The pumpkins were definitely fun. :) Always glad to meet fellow bloggers & friends too. Ü