Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Winter Wiggles

Since moving to Utah and having to deal with all of this winter weather my girls haven't been able to spend a whole lot of time outdoors (because all this Utah cold is new to me and I'm a paranoid mother who thinks my kids will get crazy sick if I take them out in the cold LOL). Well, the sun came out today and it looked so darn beautiful that I took the girls out to the park to get their 'winter wiggles' out. :0) Despite the cool air they had tons of fun playing and exploring the 'new park' just down the street from our place. Bring on the warm spring weather because we're ready for picnics and barbeques!


Lindsay said...

Is this the park in AF? If it is, we arent too far from each other. We should get together sometime!! It would be so much fun to see you!

Fred and Shenna said...

Hey Lindsay! :0) I'm loving your gangsteR profile pic! LOL You look hot!! This park is in West Jordan...are you still in Provo? We should definitely get together sometime! I'm missing all of my OG Long Beach peeps! :0)