Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Visiting with the Magalei's

My sister and her family came into town this past week for a visit and we had so much fun having them here! Since moving here to Utah, I've missed my family in Ca so much and I bask in the moments when I get see them here or when we get to visit them there. Having my sister and her family here made for a week of laughing, having fun, visiting with family and friends, playing cards all night, eating yummy food, laughing again, eating again lol and so much more!! We all made the most of their trip and had a wonderful time doing so. It was fun having my nephew Hadyn around his cousins Sariah & Madysen again. It never fails...when Sariah & Hadyn are together for more than a day they fight like brother & sister. But, the moment they're apart...they tell each other how much they love and miss one another. LOL Thanks for visiting us sis...we love you guys tons!! Ü