Thursday, April 8, 2010

I love you...Yogurtland!

I'm sure everyone knows how much of a foodie I am by now. Ü I love trying new restaurants. I love eating out with family & friends. I love Italian cuisine. I love trying out new dessert places. I love cooking and making new recipes. I love baking...but one thing I most certainly LOVE is Yogurtland! Since moving to Utah...I've made a list of all of my favorite restaurants and so far Utah has only ONE of them! You can only imagine how bummed I was to find that there is NO...I repeat NO Yogurtland anywhere in the state of Utah! >:0( I miss you Yogurtland! The yogurt there isn't what you think yogurt's more like ice cream, but better! It's creamy and delicious and all of the flavors are on point! When you walk in...there are two sizes of cups-Big and Bigger! lol You fill your cup up with however many different flavors you favorite is chocolate and toasted coconut with a little bit of pineapple or mango. They even have taro flavor (you'll be surprised that it's sweet and actually tastes good!) When you're done over-filling your cup with all of that yummy yogurt you have an array of toppings that you can pile on top...fresh fruits, candies, cookies and even cereal! (Fruity pebbles is delicious on yogurt!!) They weigh your cup when you check out at the register and it's only $0.30 an ounce! (How can you beat that?!) I went back home to Long Beach last month for my nephews baptism (blog post for this is in the works lol) and we went there every single day we were in town! LOL There isn't any place like Yogurtland and I'm hoping that one day...someone will have some sense to open a franchise here in Utah (if I had the me, I would!) :) I love LOVE you
Yogurtland!! :)


Klarah said...

Mmm... That looks good!! I have never been there but I sure want to try it now!!LOL!! You are such a cute mommy!! I wish my boys wouldn't mind doing things with me!!! They dont like that I'm a girl!!LOL!!

Fred and Shenna said...

Awww...well if you ever need a GNO you are more than welcome to come along with myself and Lynne :) Glad to find your blog too...I just added you to my Fellow Bloggers! :)