Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That 4-Letter Word

"Love was made for you and me." ~Nat King Cole

Love is a term that resonates throughout much of the world during the month of February...specifically on Valentine's Day. That being so, I thought I would write about the loves of my life in a simple and (hopefully) not too drawn out way. ;0) I could go on and on about the long list of people that I love in my life because it's a pretty lengthy list. Ü I have varying degrees of love for everyone from my visiting teachers to my amazing mother and sisters. For now, I'll focus on my immediate family.
I love my husband. He's amazing, talented, funny and caring. In all honesty, I do consider myself lucky to have found someone who is willing to sacrifice so much for the well-being of his wife and children. He sets goals and he understands that it takes hard-work to keep these goals in motion. He surprises me daily with his incredible ability to effortlessly create pieces of art and beauty. He treats me like a queen...and I love it. He loves our girls and cares for them tremendously. Even though he's determined that he won't spoil his kids...he does. Ü But they're definitely not the bratty kind. Ü I love this guy and I'm grateful to have him as my eternal companion.

We love our girls. They are our princesses and they bring a tremendous amount of joy and love into our lives. They make us laugh at the silliest things they do...even when we're annoyed and trying not laugh. Ü They are smart, caring, creative, loving and outgoing.
We often refer to our oldest as a bookworm because she loves loves to read. She was recently accepted into ALPS (Accelerated Learning Program for Students) for her School District and we are so proud of her accomplishments. She has always excelled in school and we know that she will continue to do outstanding work. She loves being with her friends and especially with the girls in her Achievement/Activity Days group. She has such big heart and is always thinking of others. She's a big help around the house and we know we can always depend on her. It's hard to believe how fast our little girl is growing up. :)
Our youngest daughter, Madysen, is such a fun and outgoing little gal. She's been a "girly-girl" from the moment she knew what a tutu was. She has an eye for pretty things and dresses that twirl. Ü She's been saying words since she was 9 months old and complete sentences before she was one. She'll talk the ear off an elephant! Madysen loves to love. It's amazing just how much love is encompassed into such a tiny person. She loves everyone and everything. If she sees that I'm busy working on the computer...she'll quietly come by and kiss my elbow so as not to disturb me. If daddy is working on a project, she'll slip him a note by his feet or under the door. I'm almost envious of the 'heart of gold' that she has. Ü

There isn't a stronger emotion that exists other than have and to feel it is something to be eternally grateful for....and we are.


The B's said...

Isn't that just the very truth right there. So inspiring to see a family that loves each other the way you Frosties do!