Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little Quarterback Turns 9

(Photo by our wonderful friend...Kryssie Booth Ü Invites by Aunty Shenna)

Happy Birthday to our big boy nephew and cousin...Hadyn! We love this guy so much and it's hard sometimes not being able to see him as often since we've moved to Utah. Lucky for us, they traveled to Utah for a few days this week and we were able to celebrate his birthday together with family and friends! Hadyn has incredible energy and enthusiasm. This year was his first year playing flag football and he did an amazing job! He was even elected to be the quarterback of his team and, of course, scored many touchdowns during their season. Ü Way to go Hadyn! We love you tons and hope you had an awesome birthday! Ü


The B's said...

Just saying, love that invite pic! wink wink ;)

Fred & Shenna Frost said...

Thanks to an awesome photographer! :0) Not sure how I missed you on the shoutout friend..but it's there now! hehe Thank you friend!