Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tonsillitis :0(

The week after my sister and her family left...I got sick! I really hate being sick and I actually don't get sick often. The last time I was really really sick was last year in June after our trip to Utah. Well last week, it started off with a scratchy throat and led to body aches, chills and fevers. It was such a bummer being sick. I finally got enough strength to get out of bed to go to urgent care and was told by the doctor that I had tonsillitis. Tonsillitis?! Tonsillitis just sounds like a major sore throat but let me tell isn't! I had body aches, fevers and chills back and forth for more than a week!! My body was sooo drained from being sick and it wasn't fun having to take big antibiotics and other medication. One night, I was so ill I had to go to the emergency room and we're so thankful to our family (the Lupeamanu's) who live in the building next to us, for taking care of our girls in the middle of the night. We stayed in the ER for about 6 hours and I was given antibiotics and 2 IV rounds (I was mostly dehydrated). What made it even worse was that I got pink...not in one eye-but both!! I'm finally better now and my pink eyes are just about gone. I loathe being sick but I'm so thankful to my husband for taking care of me while I was down-and-out. He waited on me hand and foot and was always by my side. Every time I called him for something, he came. When I was sleeping, he would take our girls to the park to get them out of the house and he made several attempts at making home cooked meals for them. LOL But I think for the most part...he was taking them out to eat. :) He clean the house and did the laundry and more importantly, he was able to lay his hands upon my head and give me a blessing. Thanks hon for taking such good care of myself, the girls and everything else while I was sick. Of course, I can't leave out my girls. They were so understanding of me while I was sick too. They were on their best behavior so as not to disturb me and whenever Fred had to of them always stayed with me. I remember Fred having to go to the grocery store and Sariah wanted to go with him. Fred turned to Mady and said "Mady, you stay home with mommy okay?" I heard Mady say "Okay". After I heard the front door shut, Mady came to my room and said "Don't worry mommy...I'll take care of you" and she said it with a little "cry" in her voice that made my heart flutter. :) I know Mady really wanted to go, but it was so sweet of her to sacrifice a trip to the store to stay with me. Our oldest, Sariah, was so helpful when I was sick as well. When Fred was busy with work and appointments I was always able to depend on her. I barely had enough energy to call out her name and she would keep the volume on the TV low so she could hear me. At times I thought I called out her name so low that she couldn't hear me, but within a few seconds, she would be at my door asking if I needed something. :) I love my girls. Thank you family for taking care of me and for all of the well wishes from my family and friends...I love you guys!!