Monday, March 29, 2010

My favorite nephew...and his baptism. Ü

I still can't believe that my nephew Hadyn has turned 8 years old! When my sister finally gave me the date for my nephews baptism...I knew we couldn't miss it. We booked our flight back to Long Beach near the end of December to make sure we would be there for his baptism on March 6th. Although my hubby wasn't able to make the trip with us (with his new job and our recent move to Utah) we were still excited to be heading back home. Ü Hadyn Lorenzo Magalei was born on February 11, 2002 at Downey Regional Hospital in Downey, Ca. He is the son of my sister Chrystel and her husband Lorenzo (Sherman) Magalei. I remember being in the delivery room the day he was born and he did not want to make his entrance lol. For many of you who know my nephew today...he's still that stubborn! LOL ;) I've watched Hadyn grown up into the boy he is today and it's amazing looking back at how fast he's grown! I've shared so many experiences with him and I love being around him. Let me tell you nephew is spoiled, rowdy, he doesn't listen at times, he's a picky eater, he gets into trouble a lot, he throws tantrums still lol and he likes to argue with his older cousin Sariah...but for some reason, he is SOOO good when he's with me! LOL I'm either the aunty that he loves or the aunty that he's afraid to be naughty around! Hehe Either way....I love taking him places with us. I love having him around because he's so funny and he really is a sweet and loving little boy. :) I'm so glad I was there to witness his baptism. I could feel the spirit as we sat there in the baptismal room and it was hard for me to hold back tears as I watched his father proceed with his baptism. I love this little boy more than I could express and I would do anything for him (except buy him all the toys he always asks for when we go shopping lol). We love you Hadyn!