Monday, March 29, 2010

Lupeamanu Family Sealing & Elder Hunt

This past weekend has been one of tears, joy, laughter, memories and happiness. On Saturday, my cousin Lynne and her family entered the Jordan River Temple to be sealed together as a family for eternity. I've known Lynne and her family (before she was married) for a large part of my life and for as long as I can remember. The Hunt family lived next door to us in Long Beach and we've always been close. As I write this post...memories of sleepovers, fights, walks home from school, getting into trouble, talking over the wall, camp, sadness, fun times and laughter engross my thoughts. With a time-line of events such as these I knew that this was one I could not miss. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to witness this family's sealing. I was overwhelmed with the spirit as I watched their sealing progress. Seeing their children walk into the room brought a remembrance of my own family's sealing and of the love and joy that I felt that day. I consider Lynne to be one of my favorite cousins but in actuality she is more like a sister to me. I love her to pieces! Ü Henry and Lynne are a wonderful couple and together they have created a beautiful family. I'm so proud of them for the steps they have taken to become closer to our Father in Heaven...and I don't say that as someone who is perfect, but as someone who is on that same path. Ü

Oh...and I can't forget to mention Lynne's younger brother Erwin! On Sunday we were able to attend Erwin's mission farewell. Erwin was called to serve in the Veracruz, Mexico mission. It's hard to think that this same young man was the same little boy who use to walk to our house in the morning for cereal and then walk back home...and by himself! LOL (It's okay...we lived next door to each other, remember?! lol) I still remember him as a scraggly and goofy little boy with big gums and a big smile! LOL
Elder Hunt has grown to be the young man that I know his father would be proud of. :) He has a wonderful mother, Emmie and awesome older siblings who have helped shape him into the person he is today :) I know that my mom, who has been his seminary teacher for most of his high school years, has grown to love this young man and is proud of the person he has become as well. I am thankful again that I was able to be here for his farewell...not to mention all the yummy food we had afterward! :) Fred was proud of Elder Hunt as well and was eager to give him advice and to share his mission experiences with him (Fred served in the Tampico, Mexico mission which is right next to the area Erwin will be serving cool!). I know that Elder Hunt will be a great missionary and will serve the people of Veracruz with all of his might, mind and strength. See you in two years
Elder Hunt! Ü We love you.