Thursday, July 16, 2009

July Birthdays!

In our family, July is a very joyous month! So here's a little birthday shout-out to all of our July Birthdays!

Happy Birthday Mom! (July 14th) Thank you mom for being the the heroine in my life. You are amazing, loving, hard-working and so much more! You've instilled in us the qualities that have made us who we are today...qualities that have stemmed from the incredible mother that you have always been. We love you!
Happy Birthday to our sister Chrystel and our brother Sherman (July 16th and July 6th)! Even though Chrystel complains and always wants things her way lol...she's still a wonderful sister. We love you Chrystel! Sherman is such an easy going and gentle person and we love him for his kindness and generosity. Our girls love their Uncle Sherman and are always eager to give him a big hug when they see him. Ü We love you Sherm!
Happy Birthday Uncle Sam (July 14th)! For those who don't know our Uncle Sam, he can seem a bit unfriendly and cold when you meet him. He doesn't often smile or talk to new people (even when they talk to him lol), but with family, he's a whole different person! He loves us and does so many many things for us. He especially loves our kids and will walk all the way to the store (he doesn't drive) if they ask him for something...and so much more. Thanks Sam for all the many things you do for ALL of us. We love you!
Last, but definitely not least...Happy Birthday to one of my favorite cousins, Lynne (July 3rd)! Our families have lived next door to each other since we were in elementary school. Lynne is such a charming and honest person. She is so loving and has the sweetest personality. Now that she and her little family live in Utah we don't see each other as often, but when we do, we pick up right where we left off and it's as if we lived right next door to each other again. We love you Lynne!