Monday, July 20, 2009

Battle of the Bulge!

Okay, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to post about this, but I figured...why not? Everyone needs to shed a few pounds here and there, so I'm sure there is SOMEONE who can relate to this. LOL Before you get too curious...I'm not going to tell you how much I weigh. LOL But trust me, it isn't very nice! After having our 2nd child, I gained a TON of weight. After I had her, my husband really wanted me to be a SAHM (Stay-at-home Mommy) and to focus on home & raising our children (which has been awesome). But being around the house and the kitchen hasn't helped my waist line much!

Anyhow...I've tried several times throughout the years to lose weight and I was pretty successful once but I haven't been able to do much since (yes, I probably didn't try very hard at times). But this past May...certain things really motivated me to start losing weight and so we signed up for a gym membership at LA Fitness (which I love) and I've changed my diet a little too. For anyone who knows me...they know that my weakness is CHOCOLATE, sweets and junk food! I LOVE them! Well, I really really cut back on the junk wasn't easy and when I get a hankering for a chocolate candy bar...I usually opt for a chocolate chip granola bar instead. We don't eat rice anymore (Why is rice such a "Samoan" food staple anyway?! lol) and we cut back on some of the carbs too. We eat a lot of salads with our proteins (which is less red meat and more chicken) and good fruits too.

Well, since starting my workout regime and changing my eating habits I've lost 20 pounds and I've gone down almost 2 dress sizes! I say ALMOST 2 sizes because some things that I've tried on in that "2nd dress size" category still don't fit lol. I actually think I've lost more inches than pounds though...but I haven't measured myself. I'm really proud of myself and I'm trying to keep it up. It's actually been pretty smooth sailing (aside from sweating & working out)...except for last week! Last week I had a huge huge craving for pasta and potatoes and chocolate (not together, of course lol)!! I think it was my diet slapping me in the face for depriving myself. LOL Well, I did have some chocolate and I made an absolutely delicious Chicken Carbonara Pasta recipe that I saw on FoodTV and I satisfied my craving! I went to the gym the next day and all was fine. Ü I think it's okay to "treat" myself (in small doses) every once in a while when my body goes into sweets & starch long as I stay on track! I'll keep everyone updated on my weight loss journey and hopefully when I reach my goal I'll have an awesome before & after picture to post! lol Ü


Lindsay said...

Congrats Shenna!! Thats so awesome!! Keep it up girl!

Fred and Shenna said...

Thanks Lindsay!! :0)

violetsky photo said...

Shenna!!!! Congrats girl, hurry up and move here so I can join and have someone to motivate me. hehe! Keep it up girl. I look forward to reading about your progress.

Ruben and Fia said...

You and me both sister!! lol
My battle has been off and on..right now it's on!! loll..we've been working out a lot, walking and we've also changed our's hard, especially trying to avoid chocolate..but it must be done =)
Anyway, just wanted to say "you go!!" I'm totally happy and excited for you..I have found that making chocolate covered fruits has helped with my chocolate cravings..I see it as having the best of both (cheating without too much guilt..hahahaha)