Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I realized today that I have a few OCD tendencies. If any of you follow my blog (if there's anyone left) you may have noticed that I haven't posted anything in quite sometime. :( It's not that I haven't written or that nothing terribly exciting has happened (maybe exciting...but not terribly) it's that I can't bring myself to post out of order! I know...crazy. If I don't finish a post, I won't post anything new after it until that post is done. And if I'm done writing it...I have to edit the photos to go with my post. If I don't have time to edit the photos and I have something new to write about...I'll start on that new post BUT I still won't post it (even it's finished) until the old one is done! Can you understand my insane methodical way of thinking? Here's a glimpse of what's been "in the works"...and even this is out of date. :(
That being said, I vow to make a change starting today. With all of the obsessive, compulsive and overly-organized thoughts I have of how my blog should be done...I will start anew. I'll eventually get back to my drafts but from here on out, I will begin new posts. :) Although...I can't promise that I won't repeat the cycle. Maybe I should take baby steps and just promise that I will begin posting again? Lol And I will try my hardest to finish one entry AND post it before I begin writing again. Here's to a new blogger!


F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

I so know exactly what you mean...and I'm the same way! I fell really behind last year and seriously spent a whole entire night finishing the posts in order before I posted them. I think I posted like 8 in one have one post from Mone's birthday party (back in September) that's still pending...I haven't posted it because it's March....and it's way too late. But then again, I don't want to leave it out....uugghh...falling behind is frustrating for sure! I'm glad you made a've missed you my blogging buddy! :)

The Lomu Family said...

Haha! Oh gosh I have so many posts in my drafts too but I just feel like they're way too back dated to post. Glad to see you're back at it. Love you Senerita Jr. Haha..xo

The B's said...

Go for it! You can do it. I'm posting a little out of order too... It was the last day of Feb and I was freaked that I hadn't started several blog posts and if I waited (granted it was like 11pm) that my posts would fall under march! i have the blogger app on my phone so i quickly started 5 posts and saved them to drafts so that when i published... they would at least be in the right month lol... i've only published 2. hang in there. your blog is special and you'll love looking back on the memories!