Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our Big Girl Madysen

Try as we may, it was hard to resist the flood of emotions that I knew would come on Madysen's first day of Kindergarten. In the days and weeks (even months) leading up to her first day of school, the only thing she could feel was eagerness and excitement. I, on the other hand, was anxious and somewhat sad that another one of my babies was growing up! I mention often in my blogging how bittersweet it is to see your children grow up and I find added meaning to that every day. From advancing in primary to moving up a grade in school (or just starting), it's always an exciting, fun and somewhat sad moment.

Before school started we received a packet from Mady's teacher instructing all of the kids to have their parents help them create an "About Me" poster. Madysen had been reminding me about her poster ever since we got the packet and we finally completed it last night. We included pictures of Madysen and our family and some of the things she likes to do. She put flowers and a few embellishments as decorations on her poster and it turned out so cute!
Today was one of the very few times where I got her up early in the morning and she didn't cry. Mady is not a morning person. Ü We got up early and got the girls ready so that we could grab some special breakfast before school started (they requested McDonalds Ü) Daddy got home from work just in time and was excited as well to see Mady on her first day. She looked so adorable this morning and the huge smile on her face was evidence enough that this little gal was more than ready and completely excited for school.

When Sariah started Kindergarten all of the parents were allowed to stay and visit in the classroom on the first day of school. We expected to be able to do the same thing today but I called the school this morning just to make sure we would be able to. The receptionist for the school informed me that parents were not allowed to stay and visit on the first day. I was absolutely disheartened. Not wanting to upset our little girl, I pushed my disappointment to the back burner, and put a smile on my face. We got to the school and all of the Kinder parents (including ourselves) were exactly the same-taking photos, going over reminders, giving advice and primping their children while we waited in line.
Madysen's teacher finally came out just before the bell rang and after greeting her class and the parents, she escorted the children into the school. Mady turned to us and gave us a hug and kiss goodbye and as brave as I wanted to be, I couldn't hold back the few tears that escaped as the doors closed behind the last child in line. Aside from the little spouts of sadness, we really are looking forward to the milestones and achievements that will come into play during our girls lives but we sure wouldn't complain if time went just a little slower.


Leti Purcell-YoungYen said...

Awww your baby is all grown up. Love her about me poster. I went through the same thing with Devyn starting school. Well atleast now we'll have time to do lunch while the kids are all in school :)

Fred & Shenna Frost said...

I know! Fred has been wanting to go on breakfast dates almost every other morning! Lol We're not use to being the only two home so it's kind of fun for now! When are we doing breakfast girl? lol I loved your Kinder post for Devyn too...she's lucky to have her cousin Jaice starting school with her too. :0)

Leti Purcell-YoungYen said...

I'm good for breakfast Mondays and Tuesdays on my days off. Let me know! :)

F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Your little girl is so beautiful! I know what you mean....I'm the biggest crybaby too and even though my oldest is in third grade now, I cried when he went to kinder, 1st, 2nd and this year when he started husband teases me every year because he's been in school so long now! haha Haven't seen you guys in a while, hope all is well on your end! Take care girl!