Monday, May 23, 2011

Living Traditions Festival

Attending the Living Traditions Festival was a first for us since we've been to Utah. The festival celebrates Salt Lake City's cultural diversity with traditional songs, music, dance and food from various ethnic communities. Verona's son was dancing with his dance group so we thought it would be great to go out and support. And of course...who can pass up the opportunity to do some cultural food tasting!? :)
The festival is held at the City & County Building by Washington Square Park in Downtown Salt Lake City. We walked around and took a look at the various craft booths that were featured at the festival before browsing all of the food options. I went for some of the Vietnamese spring rolls which were really good. The kids cooled down with some Hawaiian Shave Ice while we waited for Loi and his group to perform. They did traditional Maori dances and sang some Maori songs as well. All of them did a great job...especially the little kids. :) We took some photos of the kids enjoying themselves and headed home tired and ready to sleep! Ü


Lita said...

Love it Shenna :-)