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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Catching Up!

I can't believe how quickly Summer came...and went! I have several posts in "draft" mode still and I'm so behind! I'm debating whether this should be an "I'm still here" post or an "everything rolled into one" kinda post LOL...we shall see where this ends! Well, school officially started for Sariah last week and she is was SO excited! It seems kind of odd starting school in August because all the schools in California start in Sept. No wonder it seems like the Summer was cut short! :0/

Nevertheless, this Summer is our first since we moved to Utah and it's been exciting and fun! It's been crazy hot over here and we definitely miss the CA breeze! The highlight of our Summer was being able to fly back home to Ca to spend 3 weeks with our families! I must admit that since my hubby could only make it out for the last 3 days, we did miss him tons while we were there! What was more exciting is that we were able to make it down for our new niece, Chloe's, blessing. The girls loved meeting their new cousin for the first time and I made sure that I spent as much time with her as possible! :0) She's such an adorable and high-maintenance baby! LOL Being in Ca was so familiar and natural that Utah started to seem like just a dream after a while! ;0) We made the most of our time there and were fortune to be able to do so many activities. The weather in Ca was wonderful...warm with a cool ocean breeze! When we weren't hanging out indoors and relaxing, we were out and about shopping or running errands. We took the kids to the OC Fair, which we've gone to for the last 3 years.

The food is super yummy there (just don't count the calories or you just might faint Lol). We tried deep-fried snicker bars, tasteez famous potato chips, funnel cake, hot dogs, pizza and more! The kids love going on the rides and seeing the shows as well. The Peking Acrobats perform at the OC Fair every year and their show is always fun to watch. Fred's mom (nana) took the kids to Golf n' Stuff and they loved driving the Indy Cars! I played the caddy while everyone golfed LOL, but I didn't mind as long as the kids were having fun. :) Mama (my mom) took the kids swimming and even though she was tired after work, she found plenty of time to hang out with the kids and cook for everyone. Ü Oh...we took the kids to Disneyland! It was Mady's first time (really being able to experience it) and she could hardly contain herself at the thought of visiting the home of Disney's Princesses! Lol The last time we went to Disneyland, Mady was only a few months old and we went during the off season. It didn't dawn on me that we would be going during one of the busiest seasons and dealing with super crowds and long lines was a bit of a bummer, but my sister and I stuck through it and made the best of it for the kids sake. Ü I think what was even more fun about this Disneyland trip was that Mady was able to go on all of the "big" rides with us, so we didn't have to deal with many restrictions. Seeing her expression on these fast rides was so funny and I'm glad she she wasn't at all scared! Lol We didn't take any photos with the characters this year because (aside from long lines for that too) the kids were so focused on getting on as many rides as they could! Lol I would have to say that my favorite ride was Hollywood Tower of Terror! If you know know that I am absolutely terrified of heights! Don't ask me where I got the guts to go on this ride, but it totally wasn't the type of ride I thought it was...and I loved it!! Ü By evening feet were killing me! We stuck around for Disney's new World of Color show and I am SO glad we did. That show is soooo magical! The water show, special effects, music and seeing the characters "come to life" on the water was spectacular! We even got to meet up with our Booth Ohana and it was so good to see them and hang out...even for just an hour. :0) Being in Ca for those 3 weeks was wonderful and even if we didn't go anywhere, just being with our family would've be enough. Everyone is planning on coming down in November and as you may well guess....we absolutely can't wait! Ü