Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sariah's Special Day

Fred and I decided that we wanted to have a special day for each of our girls to do something special and fun and especially to spend quality time together and to show them how much we love each of them. So, we started off with our oldest, Sariah. We gave her the choice of either having her day to herself or with her sister Madysen, and of course she wouldn't go without her sister. :0) We knew that she loved art so we took her to Color Me Mine which is a pottery painting studio. Oh...and our nephew Hadyn came along with us too! lol When we got there, they were so excited to see all the different choices of pottery and they took forever trying to pick out the perfect one. When they finally made a decision, Sariah had a heart-shaped plate, Hadyn had a dragon piggybank, Madysen had a turtle, Fred had a large cup and I had a vase. We picked paint colors and went to work!
Painting and creating was definitely a blast and the kids got right into it...literally! lol Of course, Mr. Professional "Daddy" had no problem designing and has already made plans to go back and paint something else (I think minus the kids this time lol).

All in all, Sariah had a wonderful Special Day and we enjoyed spending it with her. We can't wait to see what our finished pieces look like in a week, after they fire them in the kilns. We ended the night with dinner at BJ's (which is always yummy) and dessert at Pinkberry. :0) I'll keep you posted on how the final pieces turn out!


Ruben and Fia said...

Oh how fun!! Did you guys go to the one in Belmont Shore? I took Marley there a couple of times when he was younger..this is most def. a day Riah will not forget, she and Mady look so happy and cute..aww.. I would love to take Marley again, but he's not all that into it now..lol..oh well, Ill just have to wait till Exy gets a little older.