Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Big Day for Mady!

She did it!! Today, Mady actually used the potty...and more than once! She's actually been using the potty for #2 for several weeks now, but she hadn't done it when she needed to pee-pee...until today! It started when she was walking pretty funny...You know, the quick-paced walk with your legs somewhat clenched together. lol...so I knew she wanted to go, but she didn't say. Well, I sat her on her potty and she kept squirming and wiggling and saying that she was scared! huh!...go figure...scared to tinkle, but not to poop?! lol Well I told her that it was okay and that she needed to "go". The next thing you know, she burst into tears, but started to tinkle!!! haha She stopped crying in like 2 seconds when she realized she was peeing and starting cheering for herself. :0) Well we're pretty confident that she has officially been potty trained (minus sleeping over-night lol) since she did it 3 more times after that. We're so proud of her, but deep inside I'm secretly sad that my little baby is growing up. :0( Well....you know what that means! Ü